Consumer Information

Cars - Buy and sell new and used cars. - Buy and sell cars, as well as research and reviews. - Information on cars, car repairs, used car values.

Edmunds - Automobile pricing and extensive automobile reviews, information on incentives and rebates.


Kelley Blue Book


Consumer Protection

The Better Business Bureau

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Free Annual Credit Report

NY State Consumer Protection Board - Publicly available Consumer Product Safety Information Database website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

U.S. Consumer Gateway - A one stop link to a broad range of federal information resources.


Products and Product Ratings

Consumer Reports - Website with some free information.

Database icon Consumer Reports - (through GeneralOneFile)

Consumer Search

Epinions - Find and compare products, and get product reviews. - Find and compare the best cell-phone plans.

Thomas Register


Charitable Giving and Volunteering

American Institute of Philanthropy

Charity Navigator

GuideStar - Connecting people with non-profit information.



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