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Dark Water

A reading list inspired by the film Dark Water

Title Author Call Number
White Oleander Janet Fitch FIC Fit
Christine Stephen King FIC King
Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque Joyce Carol Oates FIC Oates
The Ring Koji Suzuki FIC Suzuki
African American Collection
Title Author Call Number
Beloved Toni Morrison AAC Morrison
Title Author Call Number
The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories Peter Haining (ed.) HOR A
An American Haunting Scott A. Johnson HOR Johnson
The Shining Stephen King HOR Kin
Intensity Dean Koontz HOR Koo
The House That Jack Built Graham Masterson HOR Mas
Hell House Richard Matheson HOR Matheson
Ammie, Come Home Barbara Michaels HOR Michaels
The Dwelling Susie Maloney HOR Mol
The Unnatural Alan Nayes HOR Nay
Midnight Voices John Saul HOR Sau
The Unloved John Saul HOR Sau
A Winter Haunting Dan Simmons HOR Sim
Haunted Tamara Thorne HOR Thorne
Title Author Call Number
Ariel Lawrence Block MYS Blo
The Vanishing Tim Krabbe MYS Kra
Pale as the Dead Fiona Mountain MYS Mountain
Five Mile House Karen Novak MYS Nov
Now You See Her Cecilia Tishy MYS Tishy
Graphic Novels
Title Author Call Number
Birthday Meimu GN Birthday
Spiral Sakura Mizuki GN Spiral
Title Author Call Number
Phantom Encounters Time-Life Books 133.1 P
The Single Mother's Book Joan Anderson 306.856 A
Divorce: a New Yorker's Guide to Doing it Yourself Alexandra Bliss 346.73 A
Visits from the Afterlife Sylvia Browne 133.9 B
Crossing Over John Edward 133.9 E
The Complete Single Mother Andrea Engber 306.85 ENG
The Field Guide to Ghosts and Other Apparitions Hillary Evans 133.1 E
Our Turn: the Good News About Women and Divorce Christopher L. Hayes 306.89 H
Unraveled: the True Story of a Woman Who Dared to Become a Different Kind of Mother Maria Housden 306.893 H
The Other Side: the True Story of the Boy Who Sees Ghosts Denice Jones 133.1 J
The Ghosthunter's Guide to: Haunted Parks, Churches, Historical Landmarks Arthur Myers 133.109 M
Ghosts Among Us: True Stories of Spirit Encounters Leslie Ruth 133.1 R
Helping Children Cope with Divorce Edward Teyber 306.89 T
The Divorce Culture Barbara Dafoe Whitehead 306.89 W
The Survival Manual for Women in Divorce Carol Ann Wilson 346.73 W

Compiled by the APL Readers Services Department -- Feb. 2006

Last updated: September 12, 2014