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Classic Romance Cinema

Make any day Valentine's Day with these movies

Title Author Call Number
An Affair to Remember (Film) DVD AN A
Amelie (Film) DVD AME
Anna Karenina (Film) DVD ANN
Annie Hall (Film) DVD ANN
Brokeback Mountain (Film) DVD BRO
Casablanca (Film) DVD CAS
Chocolate (Film) DVD CHO
Cleopatra (Film) DVD CLE
Clueless (Film) DVD CLU
The English Patient (Film) DVD ENG
Father of the Bride (Film) DVD FAT
From Here to Eternity (Film) DVD FRO
Ghost (Film) DVD GHO
Gone With the Wind (Film) DVD GON
The Graduate (Film) DVD GRA
Harold and Maude (Film) DVD HAR
Heaven Can Wait (Film) DVD HEA
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Film) DVD HOW
King Kong (Film) DVD KIN
Love Jones (Film) DVD LOV
Love Story (Film) DVD LOV
Moonstruck (Film) DVD MOO
An Officer and a Gentleman (Film) DVD OFF
The Philadelphia Story (Film) DVD PHI
Pretty in Pink (Film) DVD PRE
Pretty Woman (Film) DVD PRE
Pride and Prejudice (Film) DVD PRI
Roman Holiday (Film) DVD ROM
Romeo and Juliet (Film) DVD ROM
Shakespeare in Love (Film) DVD SHA
Sleepless in Seattle (Film) DVD SLE
Some Like It Hot (Film) DVD SOM
Splendor in the Grass (Film) DVD SPL
There's Something About Mary (Film) DVD THE
Titanic (Film) DVD TIT
Touch of Pink (Film) DVD TOU
A Very Long Engagement (Film) DVD VER
The Way We Were (Film) DVD WAY
West Side Story (Film) DVD WES
When Harry Met Sally (Film) DVD WHE
While You Were Sleeping (Film) DVD WHI

Compiled by the APL Readers Services Department -- Jan. 2007

Last updated: September 12, 2014