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  • Train on basic computer skills necessary for many jobs

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Current Open Labs and Classes


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Contact Information

Working Knowledge PCC
Albany Public Library
161 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12110
(518) 427-4324

Class Schedule

To register for classes check the Class Schedule, click on the session you are interested in attending and register online. Register or get more information at (518) 427-4324.

Class Offerings

Drop-In Labs -- Our computer trainers are available for free assistance to job seekers and individuals with computer issues. Get guided practice with new skills, or assistance with online job searches and computer questions.

Introduction to Computers Learn how to use a computer, work the mouse, and navigate through Microsoft Windows.

Introduction to Microsoft Word Learn how to use Microsoft Word to type a resume, create a flier, or prepare a letter. Basic computer mouse and keyboard skills required.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel Learn how to create and format spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Basic computer mouse and keyboard skills required.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint -- Learn to create and deliver a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Intermediate computer mouse and keyboard skills required.

Introduction to Email Learn how to get an email address you can use to post resumes, complete job applications, and communicate with potential employers. Basic computer mouse and keyboard skills required.

Introduction to the Internet Learn how to use the internet for job searches, online purchases, banking, and entertainment.

Metrix Learning -- Learn how to use this workforce training program and gain job skills. Attend an orientation and get free access to Metrix for three months. Intermediate computer skills and ability to work individually required.

The Job Search -- Let our PCC trainers lead you through a workshop on how to conduct a job search, including online job hunting, networking, and resume writing. Basic computer mouse and keyboard skills are required.

Introduction to Google Documents -- Learn how to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations for free using Google documents. Intermediate computer, mouse and internet skills required.

Advanced Internet -- Expand your knowledge and use of the Internet with our advanced workshop on using the internet to meet your needs. Intermediate computer mouse and keyboard skills are required.

Mock Interview Session -- Instructor Ken Moore teaches good job interviewing techniques. Practice your new skills in a mock interview and get constructive feedback from an expert.


BrainFuse/JobNow -- JobNow is a unique service that features expert resume assistance, live interview preparation and career coaching. JobNow services include Live Interview Coaching, Premium Resume Lab, Job Resources and Online storage for files important to your search.

Metrix Learning -- Metrix Learning is an Internet-based program that offers you access to over 6,000 learning activities online. You control & manage your online learning program to gain new skills and/or upgrade your current skill set. When you sign up, you’ll receive an individual e-Training license that allows you 90 days of 24/7 unlimited access from any computer with an Internet connection. We will offer orientation sessions here at the library to start your online learning plan.

About Working Knowledge

The Working Knowledge PCC (Public Computing Center) is located on the second floor of the Main Library and offers digital literacy and workforce development classes and labs. Assistance and classes are available at the Main Library. Services range from basic computer instruction to advanced computer use, resume/cover letter writing assistance, and job skills classes.

Working Knowledge is the result of a Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant. Albany Public Library is also a partner in ALLbany Online, a unique public-private partnership between the City of Albany, Tech Valley Communications, the Albany Public Library, Trinity Institution-Homer Perkins Center, NY Wired and other community organizations dedicated to increasing high-speed Internet access, usability and utility for City residents.

Last updated: September 12, 2014