Suggested Summer Reading List (Fifth & Sixth grade)

Summer reading should be fun. Therefore, we have included a few Graphic Novels, "How to Books", biographies, poetry, and lots of interesting fiction in the hope that at least one or two items will be of appeal to the summer reader. So, let us help by taking some of the work out of making up your annual summer reading list with the following suggestions.

The following books are suggested for a child who is reading at a fifth to sixth grade level. Noted for each book is the title, author, and number of pages. There are both fiction and non-fiction listed.

1) Home of the Brave - Kek, an African refugee, finds many strange things in his new home but perseveres and finds a job that reminds him of home. The story is told in verse. (249 pages)(j App)

2)The Glitch In Sleep - A glitch in the universe's sleep factory sends the earth in to sleeplessness. Will 12 year old fixer Drane be able to find the glitch in time before no one is ever able to sleep again? (277 pages)(j Hul)

3) Hurricane - When Hurrican Mitch hits Honduras, the next five days take a toll not only on the village but it's inhabitants. A thirteen year old boy trys to help save what's left of his village. (137 pages)(j Tru)

4) Seer of Shadows - A photographer's apprentice gets caught in a scheme to create fake "spirit" images, but the ghost that is unwittingly released by the scheme seeks revenge. (j Avi)( 202 pages)

5) Empress's Tomb - Kiki Strike and her group of Irregulars battle an art forgery ring in order to save a historical secret room under the streets of New York City. (j Mil)(369 pages)

6) Camel Rider - Two twelve year olds meet when a war breaks out and each must rely on the other in order to both pull through. Both have little food, but neither have water or speaks the other's language. (j Mas)(204 pages)

7) Diamonds In The Shadow - A Connecticut family sponsers an African refugee family but a killer follows the refugees and puts everyone in danger. This is a real "page turner". (j Coo)(228 pages)

8) Into The Wild - When a fairy tale breaks free and takes over the town it's up to Julie to save everyone from being trapped forever as characters in their own perpetual fairy tale story. (j Dur) (318 pages)

9) Elephant Run - Nick and Mya plan a daring escape from Burma, in 1941, but Nick must go back when he learns that his father has been taken prisoner by the Japanese. The two must then instead plan a daring rescue. (j Smi) (318 pages)

10) No Castles Here - When his neighborhood starts deteriorating and an ice storm wrecks part of his school Augie tries to save the community. With the help of a mysterious green book from an old book store and the school music teacher they set to work. (j Bau)(270 pages)

Last updated: September 12, 2014