Book Lists for Kids

Picture Books
Title Author Call Number
The Fabulous Feud of Gilbert & Sullivan Jonah Winter E Win
Willie And The Barnstormin' All-Stars Floyd Cooper E Coo
How To Heal A Broken Wing Bob Graham E Gra
A Book Mordicai Gerstein E Ger
Let's Do Nothing Tony Fucile E Fuc

Picture Books and Nonfiction Books with CDs
Title Author Call Number
Say A Little Prayer Dionne Warwick j BK/CD War
The Composer Is Dead Lemony Snicket j BK/CD Sni
Joyeux Noel Judy Mahoney j BK/CD Mah
Queen Of The Scene Queen Latifah j BK/CD Que

Easy Readers
Title Author Call Number
The Horse Lover's Book Stephanie Ledu Reader 636.1 L
The Messiest Room On The Planet Monica Kulling Reader Kul
Stars On The Court Paul Ladewski Reader 796.323 S

Title Author Call Number
Stonewall Hinckelman and the Battle of Bull Run Michael Hemphill j Hem
My Vicksburg Ann Rinaldi J Rin
Escape Under the Forever Sky Eve Yohalem J Yoh
Young Samuri : The Way of the Warrior Chris Bradford J Bra
The Seven Keys of Balabad Paul Haven J Hav

Title Author Call Number
Manfish Story : A Story Of Jacques Cousteau Jennifer Berne J 92 Cousteau
Gervelie's Journey : A Refugee Diary Anthony Robinson J 305.906 R
Mermaid Queen : The Spectacular Story True Story Of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way To Fame, Fortune, & Swimsuit History! Shana Corey J 92 Kellerman


Audio Books
Title Author Call Number
One False Note Gordon Korman J Kor
Loser Jerry Spinelli J Spi
The Maze of Bones Rick Riordan J Rio
Sword Quest Nancy Yi Fan J Fan


Last updated: September 12, 2014
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