Frequently Asked Questions: Wireless Access

  1. How do I connect to the library’s wireless network?
    Click the WiFi utility icon near your desktop clock to see a list of access points. Under Windows XP, you may need to right-click it and choose View Available Wireless Networks.
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    At the Main branch, connect to the access point named APLMainPublic from the pop-up list.

    At branches, connect to the access point named AlbanyPublicLibrary.

  2. I am a frequent library patron and used to be able to connect to the WiFi at the Main branch, but not anymore.
    We changed the name of the access point from AlbanyPublic to APLMainPublic. Your laptop is probably trying to connect to the old name. Youll have to connect to APLMainPublic. You can delete the old access point name from your saved list.

  3. I am still having trouble connecting to the wireless network!
    Some Windows laptops from Dell, Lenovo and HP try to use their own WiFi utility instead of the built-in tool from Microsoft. Try switching it to use the Windows built-in utility instead. This can usually be enabled by right-clicking on your 3rd-party management utility icon (near the clock) and choosing Use Windows to manage WiFi.

  4. Why isnt your network secured?
    In order to keep the wireless connection process as simple and uncomplicated as possible, APL provides unsecured, unencrypted Internet access. This is the norm for free public wireless access. You should keep this in mind when transferring sensitive and private information, such as using your banks online services or websites like PayPal, when using any public hotspot. You can type the prefix https:// instead of http:// to access a more secure version of most webmail providers sites (example: )

  5. Can anyone else on the wireless network access the files on my computer?
    No, our wireless network does not allow users to see any other computers on the network.

  6. Can I print to the librarys printers from my wireless device?
    We do not support printing from your personal laptop over the wireless connection. You will have to use a library-owned public access computer to access the printers.

  7. Can library staff set up my laptop for me?
    Library staff members are not authorized to make changes to your equipment.

Please note: If you change your network settings, make note of the original IP address information. You will need to reconfigure the setting at the end of your library session to return to your previous settings.

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Last updated: September 12, 2014