Meeting Room Requests and Policy

Albany Public Library maintains meeting room space for use by non-profit community groups, associations, and agencies when such space is not being used for library sponsored programming. The library endorses the principles adopted by the American Library Association in the Library Bill of Rights regarding meeting room use which state, “Libraries which maintain meeting rooms, exhibit space, or other facilities open to the public should make them available on equal terms to all persons, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.” Authorization to use meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement by the library of a group or organization’s positions or beliefs.


Albany Public Library makes its spaces available on equal terms to all qualified groups subject to the regulations below:

  1. All meetings must be free and open to the public. Unless specifically approved by the Library Administration, no fees, dues or donations may be charged or solicited for any program.
  2. Meeting rooms may not be used for commercial and/or for-profit purposes, including investment seminars, sales/service demonstrations, programs by private for-profit health care representatives, etc.
  3. Library sponsored programs take priority over all other meeting room reservations. The library reserves the right to cancel meeting room reservations at any time in the event of a conflict with a library sponsored program. In these instances the organization’s contact person will be informed and every effort will be made to arrange alternate space for the displaced program. The library is not responsible for notifying group members of a cancellation or advertising a change in the meeting room schedule.
  4. Programs may not disrupt the use of the library by others. All persons using the meeting rooms are subject to all library rules and regulations. Meeting rooms may be used for performance or rehearsal of dramatic, musical, or theatrical productions, etc. as long as the specific activity does not disrupt other library activities.
  5. All groups using the meeting rooms are expected to leave the facilities in a clean and orderly condition and are responsible for damage to library property. The library shall charge the group or organization if housekeeping or maintenance service is necessary. The minimum charge will be $25.
  6. Meetings may not be scheduled to begin until 30 minutes after the library opens (i.e. 9:30am when the library opens at 9:00am) and meetings must end 30 minutes prior to library closing to ensure sufficient time to vacate the building. In the case of after hours reservations (see below) meetings must end no later than 9:00pm.
  7. To encourage the use of its meeting rooms for diverse events and to give all qualified groups access to this service, no group may reserve meeting rooms more than three (3) months in advance and no group may book a meeting room more than eighteen (18) times in a twelve month period.
  8. The library shall not assume responsibility for the security of items brought into the meeting rooms. The library will not provide storage of material or equipment for a group or organization.
  9. Alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted in the meeting rooms. No open flames or candles may be used in the meeting rooms.
  10. Neither the name nor address of any Albany Public Library location may be used as the address or headquarters of a group or organization.
  11. The library reserves the right to review all material distributed at meetings and to approve any signage to be displayed on library property.
  12. Meeting rooms must be reserved by an adult (18 years of age or older). Persons bringing children to meetings must assume responsibility for their care and behavior.
  13. The library reserves the right to determine the number of events that will be held simultaneously at its facilities.
  14. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the suspension of a group’s meeting room privileges.
  15. Library sponsored or co-sponsored events may be exempt from some of the above regulations at the discretion of the Library Administration.

Room Set-up
The library staff will not be responsible for room set up or rearranging furniture or equipment in advance of a meeting. Organizations will be responsible for room set-up and must return the room to the original arrangement at the completion of the meeting. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of a group’s meeting room privileges.

Kitchen Facility Use
Light refreshments may be served only in those meeting rooms equipped with kitchen facilities. The organization is responsible for supplying all utensils and equipment and will be responsible for immediate clean up of the meeting room and the kitchen. All refuse from events serving food or drink must be removed from the building and premises by the organization at the completion of the meeting. The library shall charge the group or organization if housekeeping or maintenance service is necessary. The minimum charge will be $25. Additionally, failure to comply may result in the suspension of a group’s meeting room privileges.

Audio-Visual Equipment Use
Requests for audio visual equipment must be made at the time the room is reserved. The suite of equipment available at each location may vary – organizations should verify what is available at a specific location at the time the room is reserved. Library staff will not serve as operators for the equipment, but will provide simple written instructions for equipment use. DVD’s, videotapes, etc. are protected by copyright laws and, unless designated as public domain material or accompanied by Public Performance Rights, cannot be shown in any library meeting room.

After Hours Use (Pine Hills, Delaware, Bach, Howe, and Arbor Hill/West Hill Branches ONLY)

The library locations listed above can accommodate after hours use of the community meeting rooms. All of the rules detailed in the above policy are in effect for after hours use. In addition, the following limitations are in effect for all after hours reservations:

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Revised Policy Approved May 2014

(Original Policy Approved January 2010)


May 2015

Last updated: September 12, 2014