Reconsideration of Library Materials

The Board of Trustees of Albany Public Library has established the following procedure for the reconsideration of library material:

A library customer who has a concern about material in the library’s collection should request a meeting with the department supervisor who is responsible for the collection in question (Branch Services, Children’s Services, Readers Services, or Reference).  The subject selector in the subject area in question may also attend this meeting.  The library customer will be given an opportunity to explain his/her request for reconsideration and to learn about the library’s collection development policies and procedures.  At the conclusion of this meeting, if the customer still would like material reconsidered, he/she will be provided with a Material Reconsideration Request form.

The completed Material Reconsideration Request form will be reviewed by the Reconsideration Review Committee, which will consist of the Library Director, the Assistant Director, and the Head of the Collection Management Services Department.  The committee may choose to meet with the library customer, the department supervisor and/or the subject selector as part of their investigation of the request.  The committee will notify the library customer in writing of their decision within two weeks of receipt of the completed form.

This decision may be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees by submitting to the President of the Board a written appeal of the committee’s decision.  The Board President will appoint an ad hoc committee of the Board to review the request and submit to the Board its recommendation.  The President will notify the library customer in writing of the Board’s decision. 

The decision of the Board of Trustees of Albany Public Library is final. 

Approved by the Albany Public Library Board of Trustees 10/7/03

Last updated: September 12, 2014