Art Exhibition Policy

To further the established mission of the Albany Public Library: to educate, entertain and empower the community, the Library has developed an Art Exhibition Program to build the cultural vitality of the Capital Region by presenting rotating exhibitions that include work by regional artists and from local collections. The Library aims to enrich the experience of patrons and the local community through exhibition programing, while providing new opportunities for contemporary artists.

The Art Exhibition Policy defines the criteria by which the Library selects artwork to be exhibited in its facilities through this program. Artwork for display in Albany Public Library facilities will be exhibited in accordance with the mission, goals, and objectives of the Library. The following exhibition criteria will be applied:

  1. The Albany Public Library Art Exhibition Program will make selections with a priority to artists who live, work, or are otherwise closely connected with the Capital Region.
  2. The artwork must meet standards for art exhibited in a public space, focusing on themes that have a broad appeal to diverse and intergenerational audiences.
  3. Artwork must have high artistic merit.
  4. To be considered for exhibition, artists must follow submission guidelines.

The Library will determine the selection, content, arrangement, and location of all exhibitions. The Library reserves the right to cancel an exhibition at any time for any reason. Legal, contractual, and financial procedures must follow Albany Public Library policies and approval processes.

The views expressed in the artwork exhibitions at Albany Public Library facilities are those of the artists and not necessarily those of the Library, its staff, or supporting organizations.


Adopted by Albany Public Library Board of Trustees: March 8, 2013


Last updated: September 12, 2014